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By Abi Bown 


Bag Girl: In the BAFTA nominated children’s drama Stepping Up, Becky is a sport-loving tomboy who finds that her contemporaries at her new all-girls school are all into fashion. Abi has also written regular episodes of Caualty, Doctors, Eastenders and Holby City for the BBC.


By Donna Franceschild

Donna founded the Workshop and led it in its early days.


Taking Over the Asylum:  is a BAFTA winning TV mini series starring David Tennant, Ken Stott and Katy Murphy. A salesman starts to run a hospital radio station inside a facility for people with mental heath needs.


Donovan Quick:  is a TV movie starring Colin Firth. Retelling of the Don Quixote story set in present-day Scotland.


The Key: A TV series that follows three generations of a family from Glasgow’s ‘Bloody Friday’ in 1919, to the miners’ demonstration at Orgreave in 1984




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By Belgin Durmush

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Uncut Diamonds: including Belgin’s The Pink House

Deadly Trivia: a collection of fantastical short stories 


By Deborah Collins


Melon/Collie: Deborah’s funny, touching and relatable poetic reflections on the past four decades of her life, ranging from her own patch in Newham to Africa and Central America. To buy email; Price £5, plus £2.50 p&p


By Derek Smith (adult crime stories are found under the name DH Smith)

 dsstrikersds4      DS      jack

Hard Cash: read on radio by Tony Robinson. Shorty and Warby find £250,000 in an empty house. What should they do with it? One of Derek’s books for older children which also includes Fast Food, Baker’s Boy, The Good Wolf (wrItten with Abi Bow) and Half a Bike.

Frances Fairweather Demon Striker: shortlisted for the Children’s Book Award. A story of a talented girl footballer who has to disguise herself as a boy so she can play for a team.

The Jack Bell Series (11 books): Jack Bell, an East London builder, finds murder at his various work sites, and along with a little romantic entanglement, he variously solves the crime, or is involved in the crime, or is close to becoming another corpse.

Strikers of Hanbury Street: London’s East End brought to life. Two Jewish boys picket a mean neighbour to get their ball back; a Bangladeshi man is desperate for a business plan; a black woman is fearful she will lose her job when she loses her childminder and other East End stories and poems.

Hell’s Chimney: A fantasy that begins with Toby in a dungeon, due to be executed for murdering his father, the king. His escape results in a hue and cry, instigated by his stepmother, the Queen. Also by Derek,  The Princes Shadow.

Jack’s Bus: Jack is a bus driver who has the strangest passengers: a dragon who insists on being driven to Wales, a ghost who haunts the upstairs, a witch who meets some troublesome children. One of Derek’s books for younger children which also include The Magical World of Lucy-Anne & Lucy Anne’s Changing Ways.

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By Drew Payne


Case Studies of Modern Life:  These twenty-two Case Studies (short stories) look at different aspects of modern gay life, and how gay men find a place in society as they navigate different events in their lives in our modern and complicated world. A man treats himself to a chocolate bar… Another man has trouble in the bedroom… Another spends the weekend with his father… A man chases that youthful look… Another waits for his wedding to start… While another man loses his lover as his lover sits right next to him… Another man follows his Sunday morning ritual… And one man finally takes back control…

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By Frances Gow (sometimes under the pen name FG & DC Laval)

FG3  FG4  FG2  FG1

The King of Carentan: Young twins, Jehanna and Jehan, are abandoned, presumed orphaned off the coast of Tennengaul. Brought up by a poor family in a small fishing village, they set out one day on an adventure that takes them across the country to find their fortune and discover their talents

The Prince of Carentan: Gereinte Andolin, heir to the throne of Carentan is a sitting target since the death of his father. After several assassination attempts, he is abducted and sold into servitude to a rough sea-faring tribe called the Coustillers.

The Prince and the Assassin: Allan Lanner has just turned sixteen and is about to find out a truth about his history that will rock his very existence.

The Gone Gods: Dan’s life is thrown into disarray when he meets a mythical dryad, posing as a strange young woman, who steals his heart and upsets his family life.

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By Jeff Jones


Once I was Lost. The epic true story of former East End villain Tommy Jituboh “The governor” in the 1970’s, reflecting Tommy’s journey from armed robber, drug addiction and 22 years in prison before being saved by the grace of God. Written by Jeff Jones.


By George Tsappis

31CqcgvCIpL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_George Tsappis The Propitiators

41TFZLGnJZL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_download (2)George Tsappis Tales from my Street


A Peasant Boy in Cyprus: A host of extraordinary events and characters as seen through the eyes of a boy growing up in a Cypriot village during the nineteen forties and fifties.

The Propitiators:  Edgar Edmund Brownhart, a young writer, regains consciousness in a cold and musty room with no idea where he is, who he is, or what he looks like.

A Peasant Virgin in London: an idealistic young man escapes the escalating violence of the colonial conflict in Cyprus and comes to live with his brother in London. But London is not what he thought it would be.

Tales from my Street:  from a range of extraordinary characters to the beautiful August afternoon when bloody violence comes to the street…

The Honoured Guest: an eleven-year-old-girl finds an escape in fantasy after her father decides to take his invalid mother out of the nursing home where she has lived for many years and bring her home to live with them.


By Gideon Burrows

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Men Can Do It: Winner of the Writing Magazine Self Published Book Award for first non-fiction book. When he became a dad, Gideon Burrows didn’t realise other men didn’t do an equal share. On his journey to fairer fatherhood he encountered dismissive midwives, father phobic workplaces, fanciful media stereotypes and patronising playgroup mums. In this controversial, frank and funny parenting memoir, Gideon discovers the real reason men don’t do childcare. And what we should all do about it.

Who’s In Control? is a series of the following four novels which aim to challenge the reader into considering what they would do in a terrifying or challenging situation..

Portico Semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Awards. It’s 2030. A world of driverless electric cars, touchless screens and social media that knows what you want before you do. When jaded journalist Curtis Soren meets the new powerful boss of the government’s mysterious Ministry for Society, he uncovers a top-secret organisation that puts him and his colleagues in danger. Soren is forced to take on Portico, the biggest social media organisation of all.

The SpiralFour very different strangers are trapped alive on a spiral staircase, 129 steps deep under the City of London. They have no food. There is no water. No-one even knows they’re missing. Who will give up? Who will die? And who will fight to the very end?

Future ShopA strange man offers Rosa Bodran a virtual reality shopping experience, guaranteeing it will be quicker, easier and cheaper than her usual family shop. But all is not as it seems. Futuristic shopping might not be the solution to Rosa’s problems.

The Illustrator’s DaughterWhen Matt’s daughter becomes seriously ill, the family embarks on a desperate mission to understand the condition and its treatment. But the parents have very different ideas about what will work, driving a gap between them so severe it could mean life or death for their daughter. Can Matt finally comes to terms with the unbearable choice: his daughter or his wife?

Also by Gideon …

Ninja of Light: The first in G. D. Burrows’ series of novels about a modern group of highly trained ninjas on a secret mission to clear out London’s most dangerous gang lords.

Chilli Britain: A hot and fruity travelogue, as Gideon Burrows goes on a tour of Great Britain meeting the characters, freaks and processes behind the burgeoning chilli trend.

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Graham David Smith


Celebration: This autobiography shows us a life overflowing with incident and adventure. From the slums of London shortly before the Blitz, where he was raped at the age of six; at the Royal College of Art, watching David Hockney perform in drag; submerging himself in the “dolce vita” of Rome in the 1960s with his lover, the celebrated art forger Eric Hebborn, where he became a hustler and first explored the world of S&M. Back in London in the 1970s he embarked on an endless round of drugs, parties and sex, somehow finding the time to paint and design fabrics, and then on Laguna Beach, California, a pleasure-ground of cocaine, sex, sun, surfing, and drug deals gone wrong. Smith is revealed as a friend and confidant of Derek Jacobi, Sir Anthony Blunt, Christine Keeler, Fellini, Pasolini, David Bowie and Lindsay Kemp. This autobiography celebrates what it means to be alive.


By Jean Tee  (pen name Dulcie Hall)

Gene - Memoirs of an Asperger Girl (Front)

Memoirs of an Asperger Girl:  an autobiography about Jean’s life with Aspergers that was not diagnosed until she was in her 60s


By Martin Bates

Favela front cover

The Little Girl of the Favela: a novel of love, betrayal and retribution set in Brazil, Germany and England.


By Olivene Howell


Can a Dead Woman Weep: Sorrell at sixteen is the beautiful and intelligent daughter of successful and hardworking Jamaican immigrants Bernard and Mildred Evans living a privileged life in the West Midlands. At seventeen, Sorrell falls in love with idealistic musician Garfield Grant and home becomes a ‘sink’ estate in South London full of dealers, pushers and delinquents.

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Ros Allison

Paula- cover

Published Short Stories

By Drew Payne

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ABC Tales



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By P.T. Corwin

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Journey to the City of Mrath; a fantasy short story published in Schlock about a boy who makes a strange discovery while swimming off the coast of Brazil. Other sci-fi and fantasy short stories published by Phil include; Tunnel of Tears in Scarlet Leaf Review, Maybe Tomorrow in 365tomorrows, and Go Fetch in Aphotic Realm.

Where Katie Hid; a crime short story, published in Close to the Bone.

In Ruins; a horror drabble.

A Place For The Dead And Dying

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Anthologies Published by Newham Writers

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