Welcome to Newham Writers Workshop.


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Hi, and welcome to our thriving creative writing club based in Stratford, East London. 

Many of our writers have published their work since we were founded in 1986, from BAFTA winners to those nominated for the Children’s Book Award, from TV drama and the stage to the published word. We are all about diversity. 

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New members are welcome from beginners to published authors. Genres can include poetry, novels, drama, short stories, blogs, song lyrics, history, life stories, journalism, non fiction and so on. Themes can range from fantasy to thriller, from satire to surreal, from comedy to crime, from romance to science fiction.

We are not about boundaries, we are about the unheard voice, about helping the writer to say what they want to say, to write what they want to write, and when they are ready, to help them get it out there.

For our weekly Thursday workshops see the Dates & Times Tab.


Coming Dates to watch out for

10th January: Start of Spring Term and our 2019 programme, with 48 Weekly Workshops. See Dates and Times Tab for details

31st March: Deadline for author’s Showtime 2019 submissions. 5 pages of poetry, 5,000 words of prose, or a combination thereof.

April: Newham Writers on the Street! Organised street readings of your poetry in Stratford or Forest Gate

11th April: – Spring Special Workshop. How to plot your story using the Snowflake Method

16th May: – Summer Open Showcase Night

Out Now: Showtime ’18 on Amazon with over 300 pages of our author’s poetry, short stories and more. Click image!

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